Create a new application


1. The menu at the top of the page lets you navigate to other pages within the MPCT grants portal

1. The top right of the page displays the closing date for the current funding round and the status (here it's _New_) of the application

1. Check the correctness of the displayed account details in the cream box at the top of the page; incorrect details may invalidate your application

1. There are action buttons above and below the application form itself

1. The form itself:

1. If you encounter any difficulties, use the _Get in touch_ contact form at the bottom of the page


a. When you _Submit_ your application, the details you've provided will be verified. If verification fails, the field concerned will be highlighted and include an error message. Correct the error and _Submit_ your application again.

a. After you've submitted your application, you will only be able to view it, not edit it. However, you will still be able to create a PDF of it.

a. If you do not see the option you need in a drop-down list, scroll to the bottom and use the _Add new_ option to include it.

a. The duration field is automatically calculated.

a. The _Details_ field will expand as you type.

a. There is a limit on the total size of uploaded files, so ensure images in particular are not too large, including images pasted into documents.

If you can't find the information you need, please use the "Get in touch" form on this page to send an inquiry to MPCT.

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