List all applications


This page lists all your applications, historical and current, and lets you sort, export and view them.

1. The top menu provides access to the other areas of the grants portal.

1. The buttons at the top right enable you to

  1. Clear any filters you've selected
  2. Export the currently listed applications in a CSV spreadsheet
  3. Hide the filter panel itself (sometimes useful if you have a very small screen)

1. The _Rounds_ filter lets you select which funding rounds are included in the currently displayed data.

1. The _Grant types_ filter lets you select which grant type(s) to display. MPCT has only a single grant type.

1. The _Status_ filter selects applications by status.

1. In the table of applications, you can sort the entries by clicking any column header. Clicking the same column a second time will reverse the order.

1. Clicking the _Last event_ date will display a full history of the life cycle of the application. Clicking anywhere else in an application row will open the application itself.

1. Below the list of applications you can set the number of applications to display on each page, and change the reload pause (see below for more on this feature).

1. If you have any questions you can use the _Get in touch_ contact form to raise them with an MPCT administrator.

Filter icons

The following may appear above filters.

* *(+)* selects all filter entries

* *(-)* unselects all entries; this is useful if you want to then select only a single filter entry

* *(HOME)* icon selects only the current filter entry, and on this page applies only to funding rounds

Note that if no entries are selected for a filter, it is as if all of them are selected.


The page will reload automatically whenever a filter is changed. It will do so after a _Reload pause_ which can be adjusted below the data table. This enables you to change multiple filters in a single page reload, as each filter you change resets the reload pause.


The page selector at the right above and below the table shows which page is currently displayed, and lets you move to the next, previous, first or last pages.

Note that when you change a filter or sort the data by a column header, you will be returned to the first page.

If you can't find the information you need, please use the "Get in touch" form on this page to send an inquiry to MPCT.

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